Other Amenities


Being in Florida, we want all of our guests to enjoy their time with us.

  1. Group – monthly night out at movies – As a group we ask everyone to go out at least one time per month to the movies at cityplace muvico. We do it in a group setting to help bond everyone together.

  2. Access to our full sized swimming pools

  3. Group – Once a month we take groups out on our yacht (we have a 45’ Meridian yacht) to enjoy a day or evening out at sea on the inter-coastal or ocean. Maybe even dock and dine at one of the many casual restaurants. Everything is included unless we decide to go to a restaurant. All operators are fully licensed and fully insured.

  4. Fishing trips – We can arrange a day long fishing trip excursion if enough people want to go.

  5. Gym Memberships – We provide FREE gym memberships for our residents.

  6. If people are in need of a cell phone, we can assist in getting a telephone number and plan at a discounted price. – guests can take the number with them if they desire when they leave.

  7. Financial services – we assist all of our residents (especially at the beginning) with financial management and budgeting to make sure they are managing their cash correctly. We also have a daily cash program to help people manage their money.

  8. Centrally located and within walking distance (about 10 minutes) to http://www.cityplace.com/ located in the heart of West Palm Beach. There are great restaurants, shops, movies, comedy shows and other live entertainment. And also very near the convention center.

  9. Transportation services. We have 2-15 passenger vans and provide DAILY transportation to the gym, outside meetings, Wal-Mart and the doctor.
  10. Free transportation to AA/NA meetings daily.

  11. We are also located just a little ways from the beach for amazing sunrises and long walks.

  12. Located near some of the finest golf courses in the country if that is your desire.

  13. For people who are just getting started, we give the residents a $50 gift card upon admission and we will assist them in getting food stamps which will give them up to $200 per month to buy groceries.

  14. We are here for you our residents. We make every attempt to keep you busy and occupied.
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